Question about a laserdisc player's audio connections

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    I hope someone can help me understand something about laserdisc players... Browsing through EBAY for players there seem to be older players that have only an RF out and some newer ones with a coaxial digital outs (sometimes optical too). Can someone explain what each of the connections offers you as far as audio formats (DD 2.0 vs 5.1 vs DTS). Some auction descriptions even mention that an RF Demodulator is built in thus no need to buy one... At what point is a demod needed if your receiver does not have it built in.

    As someone that has no experience with laserdisc players, my assumption was a player with an RF out needed a modulator where players that offer a coaxial/optical output needed no demodulator - just plug and play into the receiver's digital input. Please set me straight so I know exactly what I need.

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    Coaxial or digital output: DTS or 2-channel PCM. No DD of any kind.
    AC-3 RF output: DD 5.1 output for LDs that have a DD 5.1 track. The output must be routed to a demodulator (unless the player has one built in, which would be a custom job).
    Those are the only options.

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