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Question about 1014 with music (1 Viewer)

Jul 14, 2003
I'm looking to upgrade from my Yamaha RX-V450 receiver, I think the 1014 is a wonderful candidate. I'm driving Boston VR1 main's and CR-75 rears. I'm mainly a two channel music listener with a few movies here and there. Would the 1014 give me the same musical performance as I heard when auditioning the Marantz SR-6400? I've just heard such good comments on the 1014, but many of these were from movie demo's. Feel free to make suggestions outside the pioneer if the need arise.

Rob Kramer

Second Unit
Mar 30, 2004
Let me jump in here before the 1014 love-fest starts.

I have the Pioneer Elite 54TX. The Pio has excellent dynamics, top to bottom, and is a great receiver. Its definately my pick for top HT performance. However, I also have an Onkyo TX-SR800, and while its not as dynamic as the Pio, it has a smoothness in the "mids" which makes the Pio seem thin in comparison (I do have good speakers (B&Ws and Swans), which can reveal good mids). Directly A/B'ing the two receivers, music is hands down better on the Onkyo. The sound is smooth, rich, and a lot fuller than the Pioneer. Maybe its because the the Onkyo is "bloaty" in the mids, or maybe the Pio really is thin in the middle, I dont know.

Which receiver is better between the two you have listed, the older Marantz or the 1014? I dont know. If it were me, and music was a higher priority, I would look at the newer Marantz (x500) models. I would also go with a higher-level model (like the 7500 or 8500). Outside of your choices, I would also look at the new Onkyos (702 or 802).

If music was THE priority, and money was tight, I would get the Jolida 1501 (or 1703). I dont think you could find a better $500 sound anywhere (maybe a B-stock Onix A120 might come close).

Wayne Ernst

Senior HTF Member
Feb 24, 2002
I'll agree with Bob. I don't think jumping from a Yamaha 450 to a Pioneer 1014 is enough of an upgrade. Give lots of attention to the new marantz models and don't overlook the offerings from Yamaha a bit further up the food chain from where you are with your RX-V450.

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