questing on running 2 Stryke AV15 in isobaric

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  1. I am wondering how this would work and what size of a box would be optimal in a push pull configuration. Also plan on powering this with a 350w amp, is this enough? Also I have heard about running crosovers on the 2 subs differntly to get rid of the box sound, what would be a good setup for this?
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    I bet you he is confusing Pass Band 4th and 5th order Port
    Resonance with "box noise"

    On 4th and 6th orders (moreso 6th order Pass Band) you get
    noise from the port that can distort the musical output and
    you incorperate a Notch Filter to eliminate that particular
    band of sound.


    It sounds like you somewhat mixed two box types.. Isobaric
    and Pass Band. You can of course have Isobaric Pass Band
    but usually you run isobaric sealed, isobaric vented and
    straight Pass Bands. Pass Band in it's self is complex and
    an Isobaric Pass Band is even moreso!
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    I've tossed a simalar idea around but not using the AV12's or 15's (Due to the obvious costs)!!!!!
    Idea is a 4 driver~Clam Shell Iso push pull EBS design using the CV~15's or 12's that have been thrown around here by a few latley. I can get the 15's, new for 34.59 a driver.
    I wonder what the heavy hitting bass heads think of the idea?
    Porting might be a problem, but not having software to model such a thing I have not even approached it, only given it some thought. I don't see a 2 driver Iso push pull EBS worth the effort as to much loss for the little gain you get from the smaller cabinet and porting would most likely be a total stopper. But a 4 driver in a single cabinet push pull might allow for enough cabinet volume to get enough porting and spl gain to make it worth looking at.
    Feel free to find all the possible problems in my crazy idea.
    I don't have the TS param's right this moment but would dig them up if someone feels it's worth looking at the idea.
    The 15" Vega driver has an FS of around 20-21hz if I remember correctly. I'll try find the param's/model#'s for both the (12 & 15) models. Also the ohm loads need to end up with driver wiring at or around 4-ohms. Could drive each Iso set with a seperate plate amp just another thought/posibility.
    This is getting wacker as I go.
    I have TWO PE-250 no boost plate amps already and the MDF. So the drivers are the only cost, around 138.00 or so, may get a bigger break with a 4 driver order.
    So is this worth investagating further than just a thought, or might this be an actual worth while idea?
    Ok, I have to call CV and get the params straight. Things do not add up on the HED series TS-params. Theses drivers are specificaly designed for small box enclosers and with the VAS their stating for the 12 and 15, this ain't no small box sub. The CV series are more traditional TS'ed with a larger VAS thats to be expected. So till I get Params from CV directly I find what the site is saying to be to unclear and makes sceptical that their shown Vas is correctalong with the X-max. They spout of major motor strength but given the specs, looks just the oppisite, weak.
    Also a search here for people that posted specs for the same HED drivers, they all don't match (on the VAS)...
    So screw it for now till I get information from CV direct on both lines of drivers, the HED-DVC's and CV-DVC's...
    Sorry for wasting your time and HTF's bandwidth... [​IMG]

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