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Quested High End Home Theatre Speaker System Fully Active With Power Amplifier/Filter Card (1 Viewer)


Apr 6, 2015
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3 X Quested LT20 Loudspeaker Plus 3 X Quested AP1550 Amplifier With Filter Cards
Hi All.

I was going to keep these for my appartment, as i love the sound of these speakers but unfortuiantly i was advised by Quested
these speakers will not work in my new smaller room. Thus, they are now up for sale. My room is much smaller then my theatre room which is now dismantled

I also have the Amplifier for these AP1550 with Fillter Cards Installed, Each Amplifier is configed in a Biamped Mode. I can Split the package if you dont require
the amplifier but highly recommend them as this was designed and configed for the LT20

The tweeter can be changed on these to give the speaker a shorter throw distance if required!!

What does the package Include:

3 x LT20 Speakers (With Original Box)
3 x AP1550 Amplifiers (Each Channel is Fitted with a Filter Card, One Channel for High& mid, the other for Bass)

Filter cards can be removed and you can run Electronic Crossover if you want too. However the Filter cards were installed
due to there natrual sound higher fidelity (Quested Opinion)

I can ship world wide by Fedex Air

Spec for LT20 Speakers Below

LT20-SP Semi-passive. High End Home Theatre Speaker, Can be installed anywhere high fidelity is required over normal PA Speakers

Built-in 2-way crossover between Low and Mid/High

High-power twin 10" speakers, 6.5" Mid, with Air Motion Transformer tweeter.

Freq Resp 40Hz - 18kHz +/-2dB. Dispersion 45 x 100 (rotatable HF baffle).

Continuous Max SPL: 112db@10m, 118dB@5m, 132dB@1m

Size 580(w) x 685(h) x 440(d) mm. Weight 52kg.

Amplifier Specification:

2 Channel Class A/B Amplifier 774 Watts Per Channel In 8ohms, 1550 Watts Per Channel In 4ohms

For the complete Set: Speakers and Amplifiers.

For 3 x LT Quested Speakers Only No Delivery Included: $11,700.00 US Dollars

For 3 AP-1550 Amplifiers Only with no delivery calculated: $5,700.00 US Dollars.

I can ship World Wide by FedEx.

Payment Terms:

Bank Wire is Prefered.

Paypal is also accepted If you decide For Airshippment only. Paypal Fee has to be covered by the buyer at 4% of total transaction value.

Question or need more pictures you may PM or call me or whatsapp me first on +6281380094990

I sell On Audiogon, Ebay, AVS forum, Audiocircle. You can check my feedback on all these sites. I am new to this forum but my feedback and credentials are easily tracked and verified.


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