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    Hey Guys,
    I am in the market for speakers and Future Shop sells these canadian engineered/made speakers from a company called Quest that are dirt cheap!!! [​IMG]
    From the few reviews on the Future Shop site they seem to be a good value for the money and the people who bought them seem to love them. I listen to them at Future Shop yesterday while watching Episode I and they sounded pretty good.
    I called their office and left a message for some brochures.(I can't believe they don't have a web site [​IMG] [​IMG] ).
    I was wondering if anyone knew any more about them or anyone heard any good/bad things about them.
    Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Paul_Dunlop

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    Nov 28, 2001
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    Quest is a subsidiary of JBL - their speakers are OK for the price. A friend of mine has the Quest towers - 6.5" cones x 2.
    I'm an Energy fan so when we went to upgrade him to 5.1, We bought the Energy XL-C and XL 15's for surrounds. The combination sounds pretty good right now, but he'll be upgrading to Energy towers later in the year.
    Quest only offers 1 center channel that I'm aware of, and it's only $99.00 CDN. Since the center is so important, I didn't want him to skimp on this item.
    Cost out the whole Quest system, then look for other options in that price range - I think you'll realize that the Paradigm or Energy offerings are much better and close to the price.
    Here's a site that has some specs on the Quest speakers
    I had the 10" Quest Sub from Futureshop - it was not bad, but it only went down to 35Hz, so i upgraded to the Energy EXL 8.2
    Take it easy

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