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    No, not a DVD, but something different that Showtime is doing with reruns. Having finished the initial broadcast of the 22-episode first season, they're doing rebroadcasts with a twist. Each episode is intercut with split-screen episodes with the cast, writers and producers. The entire episode is played, but nearly half of it is accompanied by commentary. It will be interested to see whether this continues for reruns of all 22 episodes.
    I'll bet whoever came up with this idea is a DVD fan. [​IMG]
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    I think this is a great idea, but in a way I'm a liitle bummed as I missed the first few episodes of this show and was hoping to catch them on re-runs. I watched the first special edition which was great, but they talked a lot over the dialog so I missed parts of it. Although I got the gist of the episode. I kinda wish they put the commentary over the non-dialog scenes (Babylon, etc.)
    Hopefully we'll get a DVD and I can see them all in their entirety.
    I wonder if they'll use these special edition versions as an alternate angle or something?
  3. John Berggren

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    This was very well done. They are not showing each of the episodes consectively. The schedule is as follows:
    July 8: Episode 11
    July 15: Episode 15
    July 22: Episode 17 (at 11:30pm)
    On July 29th, Leap Years takes QAF's Sunday at 10PM spot.
    August 5: Episode 1 (followed by LEAP YEARS)
    August 12: Episode 2 (followed by LEAP YEARS)
    Sugust 19: Episode 3 (followed by LEAP YEARS)
    August 26: Episode 4 (followed by LEAP YEARS)
    I presume that as of August 5th, the episodes are running sans commentary.
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