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'Quarantine' A quick review. (1 Viewer)

Inspector Hammer!

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Mar 15, 1999
Houston, Texas
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John Williamson
I really loved it. :emoji_thumbsup:

I love any film that features people becoming animalistic and barbaric killers whether they be zombies or infected with some terrible virus that strips them of their humanity.

I also enjoy this subgenre of films that keeps the perspective of an individual, in this case, as with the outstanding Cloverfield, the point of view of a cameraman filming the aweful events as they unfold and even though your common sense tells you "Stop filming! Put the camera down and help!" your also glad they're doing it.

It's a simple tale and if your in the right mood, which I usually am this close to Halloween, extremely suspenseful and terrifying. It concerns a television newswoman played by Jennifer Carpenter of Showtime's Dexter and her cameraman who are filming a piece on the goings on at a firehouse in LA when a call comes in...this will be a call no one will ever forget.

The apartment building they are called to is quickly locked-down and no one is allowed to leave as it appears that a strange sickness is infecting the residents causing them to become vicious killers not unlike the infected in the 28 Days Later films.

Hey, it's October and who isn't in the mood for a good scare (as Sheriff Bracket deftly proclaimed in Halloween...we're all entitled to one this time of year) and this delivers the goods, lots of honest scares with ample amounts of mood and mounting tension. :emoji_thumbsup:

Dave Mack

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Jan 28, 2002
Fully agree, Inspector.

Saw this last week and it really did "work" for me. I for one, do love the "Blair Witch", "Cloverfield" school of first person "found" footage films. This was VERY well done IMHO and "got" me several times when most horror films nowadays make me just sigh.


Lucia Duran

Sep 30, 2005
Just watched this film today and I really enjoyed it. I thought this movie was filmed very well. The camera wasn't too shakey as with most movies done from this perspective (Cloverfield, Diary of the dead, Blair Witch). I was able to follow along, without wondering what was going on. I thought the actors did a great job. It was scary, gory, frustrating, frightening in all the right parts. I was so tense throughout this movie and caught myself clutching a pillow from time to time. I love that about scary movies.

Definitely as movie I will watch again and again.

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