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Quality of onboard DAC's? (1 Viewer)

Jerry Parker

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 15, 2001
I was thinking about buying a 59 dollar RCA 5 disc CD changer from BB this weekend since its on sale and I have plenty of gift certificates from there. It has an optical digital out, and I was thinking about running that to my reciever and just using the changer as a transport. Would the DAC onboard the reciever be decent enough for quality sound reproduction? The reciever is a Technics SA-DX1050. My system will include the above reciever, a pair of Wayne J's D3 loudspeakers, dayton optical cables, sound king speaker wire, a QSC RMX 1450 1.4kw amp for Sub, Behringer feedback destroyer, Blueprint 1803 in a 14cuft box tuned to 18hz, and jkrutke's bose killer 3" tangband driver speakers for surrounds, for now I will use phantom center channel.

Will the RCA changer be up to snuff? All it will be doing is CD transport. Will the DAC built into the reciever be good enough for audio reproduction? Im obviously not an audiophile, but want accurate music reproduction. Thanks!

Andrew Pratt

Senior HTF Member
Dec 8, 1998
Well I know of two people that bought RCA CD changers and both broke so IMO I'd look at a better CD changer then the RCA. If cash is tight I'd seriously look into buying a used changer instead of a budget new one. Marantz makes some very nice CD Changers that sound fantastic and have models in at various price points incl some very affordable units. Another option would be to pick up the new Sony SACD changer that is often on sale for under $200.

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