Quality of cable important for cable TV feed to HT?

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    Firstly, I apologise for my ignorance - I am new to HT, new to cable TV, and new to the USA (just moved from the UK)!

    I am having a dedicated HT installed with front projection onto a 103 inch screen. This will be mainly for DVDs, but I also want to use it for occasional TV viewing, particularly HDTV.

    I have digital cable installed to the house, and the cable is currently exposed, waiting to be buried after building work is completed. It occurred to me that this would be an opportunity to have the cable TV supplier use a better quality cable for the main run into the house, IF there is such a thing as 'better quality cable' in this respect.

    Any thoughts? I already plan to make sure that the cable to the HT area is direct from the main supply cable - no multiple splitters to pass through, etc.
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    That's a tough question without knowing the cable specifics. If the cable that's going to be buried is made specifically for the purpose that...
    1) it will pass digital signals of the appropriate frequency
    2) it is made in such a way that it is intended to be buried i.e. designed for underground burial.

    then unless one meets both criteria with another cable, a 'better' choice may well not hold up in the long run. further, and you'd have to check with your supplier, if you change the cable, then that may mean that if you have problems with the cable, the cable company is not responsible.

    i think you need to get more information before you can determine if you can do better.

    btw, welcome to the US [​IMG]

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