Quadscan to Cinema 13HD: best connection? BNC or VGA?

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    OK assuming that we are NOT talking about the quality of cable in the run is there any difference in quality between me feeding my Cinema 13HD through the QuadScan Elite HD via a VGA-to-VGA cable or via a VGA-to-BNC cable?

    Things I am referring to include:

    Can I play anamorphic DVDs over the VGA input?

    Can I play 4x3 material over it?

    Can I play letterbox DVDs over it?

    I remember some of the older projectors (when I first looked into projectors) having problems with certain material or aspect ratios being played through the computer input. And I don't know if having the QuadScan affects it at all.

    I am fairly a newbie at fixed pixel displays, scalers/doublers, and projectors so if I am not understanding something fundamental here I'd love to learn.
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    A vga to 75ohm bnc cable would be better. The bnc end will help prevent signal reflections and ringing in the cable.

    A vga connector is bad but sometimes you have no choice. It operates just like any other connector so you can display any form of video over it. Bettercables makes some good vga to bnc cables at reasonable prices, or you can make your own if you're handy with a soldering iron.

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