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    Mar 6, 2001
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    I've been using an Outlaw 1050 for a while now and had been wondering about adding external amplification. I've never had a complaint about its volume capability even with my low sensitivity NHT 1.5's/AC-1. I only wondered how/if the sound would "improve" like many have stated when they went to external amps. Anyway, with the Acurus amps being available and relatively cheap lately, I bought an A125X5 and should receive it next week. Can anyone who has gone to extern. power using their receiver as a pre/pro, say that they regret it or didn't get (hear) what they had hoped for? Other thoughts?
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    Jul 12, 2001
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    i have a sony str-db930 that i've used for the past two years and only recently did i purchase an acurus a200x5 amp in order to go the separates route. i have regrets about it as much as i praise the change. there is an audible difference that's probably the mosted notable of all the upgrades i've made so far. i can't tell a whole lot of difference on while watching movies (too busy watching the movie to listen critically i guess), but for music playback i've noticed the sound is a lot clearer and defined. the quality of off-axis listening has improved. the bass is more tighter and defined for sure. also, with the massive 200 watts, i only need to turn up the volume a hair to blast the room to an uncomfortable level. usually, i could stand to listen to music at around 4 on the volume dial (loud still be not uncomfortably so). now i can't really turn it past say 2 and 3/4. i also noticed that low level listening seems a lot clearer and the nuances really come through as well. the main regret is that i didn't want to spend the money for the amp right now but i was offered too good of a deal to turn it down. i'm not going into hock, it's just put some other purchases on the back burner for a month or two. i know that's probably not a regret as per the quality of the unit, but it's a regret i have nonetheless. hope this helped.
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