PVR501: Digital vs RCA Audio

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    I recently purchased a DishNetwork PVR501, which has both optical digital and analog audio outputs. My receiver is a Sony DB830, which unfortunately only has composite video on the TV/SAT set of jacks. Thus, to use the digital audio, I have to manually switch the "mode" so that it combines the digital audio from the TV/SAT with the S-Video from the Video 1 connections. Unfortunately, I cannot do this from my remote (although I'm in contact with OneForAll to see if they might have an advanced code to do this). So my choices are (1) get off my lazy butt to push the mode button on the receiver to combine the digital audio and S-Video, or (2) just use the Video 1 input with its S-Video and analog audio.
    I don't subscribe to any premium channels and never order PPV, so none of the channels I subscribe to actually transmit digital audio, at least not currently. That being the case, how much if any audio quality would I lose (or perhaps even gain) by simply using the analog audio instead of the digital? All audio from all channels is transmitted through the optical digital output, and I think it's at 48 khz. Is there a significant quality difference between the analog audio output through the RCA jacks and the digitized analog output through the optical digital out? If so, I could certainly make the short walk to the entertainment center to manually combine the signals. If not, I'll just be lazy and use the video 1 outputs for both S-video and analog audio.
    Thanks in advance for your responses from this lazy couch potato! [​IMG]
    Steve K.
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    I have a Dishplayer with optical outputs that I run to a Pioneer Elite 24tx. I have tried audio from both digital ouput and the analog outs and greatly prefer the digital. I think it boils down to where in the chain are the better DACs. I made the bet that the DACs in my receiver were better than those than in my Dishplayer and I was right.
    With the Sony DB series, I would also be willing to bet that the DACs in that system are also better than those found in the 501.
    If it were me, I would use the optical out for all audio (and I do), but you might want to experiment. It was an easy choice for me since we previously subbed to Showtime, which was DD and now we sub to HBO, which is also DD.
    Hope that helps.
    Christopher Cheadle
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