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  1. Rick Johnston

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    Mar 28, 2002
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    Total PVR newbie needs suggestions!
    I currently have Dish Networks w/ 2 receivers and also have a cable feed. All 3 of these are sent throuout the home via a modulator. The receivers and modulator are in the garage and accessed by remote control.
    I am considering the addition of a PVR and need your help.

    1) Any suggested models given above scenario? Cost not really an issue
    2) Can the PVR be located in the garage and the feed modulated just like the satellite and cable, and is a remote control available for the potential garage location??

    Rick Johnston
  2. Scott Kimball

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    May 8, 2000
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    As a Dish Network subscriber, I would stick with a DishPVR unless you have a compelling reason for a standalone. Current models are PVR501 (phasing out, 40GB HD), PVR508 (same as 501 with an 80GB HD), and the dual-tuner 721.

    Perhaps ongoing discussions at a dedicated DBS forum would help you decide... try dbstalk.com or dbsforums.com.

    What is your climate, and is your garage climate-controlled? I wouldn't put a PVR in my garage, because winter temps can get well below zero and summer temps can get well over 100deg in my garage loft. Both extremes are beyond the operating temp of a hard drive. That said, the Dish PVRs do have a UHF remote, so it can be controlled in the same way as your existing receiver.

    I'm assuming you are aware that modulating the signal from any Dish receiver will give you suboptimal sound and picture. If you don't have a home theater setup, this may not be important to you - but most people will have the sat IRD indoors in a viewing room of some sort for high quality picture and sound, and run the modulator output for kitchen / bedroom, etc...


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