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PSB Image 6T/9C/2B -What Speaker Settings do you Use? (1 Viewer)

Tim Hewitt

Jan 2, 1999
I'm curious what others with a similar PSB setup have set their base management speaker sizes to.

I have PSB Image Series 6T/9C/2B along with a Paradigm PS1200. The cross over on my Yamaha 995 is fixes at 90hz. (highter than I would perfer).

Image specs at +-3db are

Front 6T 32-21,000hz

Centre 9C 40-21,000hz

Sur 2B 49-21,000hz

Dustin B

Senior HTF Member
Mar 10, 2001
For your answer scroll down to Brian Florian's reply in this thread over at AVS:
If you aren't happy with the performance of you system with all the speakers set to small then the culprit (as mentioned in Brian's post) is more than likely the sub. The PS series from Paradigm is a bandpass design. Which makes a lot of sound quality trade offs to be able to play as loud as it does above 30hz.
If it's an option I would seriously consider upgrading that sub. Your PSB speakers deserve much better than a bandpass sub. If you want to stick with Paradigm, the PW2200 is far superior. Also you should seriously consider the SVS 20-39PCi or the Adire Dharman (there is now a Canadian dealer located in Toronto) both of which would be a noticable step up from the PW2200.

Sonnie Parker

Second Unit
Dec 11, 2001

I own the PSB 6T's, 9C, and 10S's with an HGS-15. I have my crossover set to 80hz and my pre/pro settings are small all all speakers.

Personally I don't believe 90hz is too high, especially for the center and surrounds.

I agree with Dustin though, you might consider upgrading your sub.

Chris PC

Senior HTF Member
May 12, 2001
I third the subwoofer upgrade. That setup deserves a better sub like an SVS, a Mirage, Paradigm Servo 15 or PSB SUB 7.
Personally, I am having a hard time integrating my subwoofer for music, but my room is small and my receivers crossover is 100 hz. It works ok, but sometimes I just prefer to listen to the fronts alone. The 6T's sound really nice on their own. I guess as much as I like the subwoofer bass, perhaps for music I don't need the emphasis of bass from 16 to 32 hz, but rather, just good bass from 30 to 100 hz. Not sure, but I'm getting off topic.
I have 6T's, 9C and 2B surrounds. All run small for movies. Try to adjust your subwoofer crossover as the Yamaha subwoofer out crossover setting alone might not suffice. Just experiment and measure your room response and see what gies you the flattest response. Definitely consider a better sub though, you are almost there :cool:

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