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PSB 5T vs. Paradigm Monitor 7 (1 Viewer)


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Jan 25, 2003
I will use these for 90% theater and 10% audio. I will change my center to match whichever I buy. Any comments or suggestions?

Jamey F

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Dec 20, 2002
For 90% HT, I would suggest getting Paradigm Studio 20's instead of the monitor 7's. Later you could move them to the rear, and upgrade to 60's or 100's.

I had the 7semk3's (which were the Paradigm speaker just before the monitor series) up front and the Mini-monitors for the rear. There is a night and day difference between the clarity and detail in the Studio line and the Monitor line. As long as you have a decent sub, HT should be greatly improved over the monitor 7's. If you have a good sub, music should be better also.

I would assume you could get the 20's for about the same as the monitor 7's, but you would have to factor in stands also.


Dec 23, 2002
Thats assuming he has enough money to buy enough clean power to make the studios worthwhile I was looking at the 20's as well and now I am looking at the monitor 7 or 5t after I realized I don't have the juice to make the 20's worthwhile nor will I. I would just listen to both personally and see which you like best I have heard the 4t in a store setup as a home theater and they sounded very good playing monsters inc with the 8c center I imagine it would be that much better with the 5t and perhaps going with the 9c. Check both websites for local dealers and see if you have any near you to check them both out, if not I'd be happy to post my opinion when I go out to compare them using the same material in about a week or less but again the outcome will be my opinion and yours may differ if you hear them both.
Apr 17, 2003
i run 5Ts with an 8C centre and 4 alphas(7 channel). i love the 5Ts. PSB makes a very good speaker for the cost. the only thing i would suggest is, if you have the room, go with the 9C if you buy the 5T or 6T to ensure you timbre match. i have the 8C because of space considerations in my cabinet. if you are really listening hard, you can hear sometimes (but not often) hear the timbre mismatch between the 8C and 5T.


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Feb 19, 2003
you also have to figure in the cost of the more expensive surrounds/center channels that would match the 20's, I ended up going w/monitor 7's because as far as surrounds go 2 pairs of mini-monitors cost about the same as another pair of 20's. I imagine the center channel is a bit more as well. I haven't heard the psb's but I'm very happy w/my monitor 7 set up, if you really want to save some money go with mini-monitors up front since its 90% ht then put the extra money towards a better sub, or something else, that is probably what I should have done.

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