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PS3 not passing BTB (1 Viewer)

chris rick

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Sep 20, 1999
Ughh...nothing bothers me more than this. Have the new firmware installed for the PS3 (1.3) and it is still not passing BTB in the test patterns. I tried changing the HDMI to YCBCR instead of auto or RBG under the HDMI setting but still nothing. I'm using the PS3 to a Denon 2807 via HDMI and then to AE900 projector. Never had an issue with Oppo nor HD-A1 over HDMI with BTB....anyone else having similar BTB issues? I just hate it because I know I'm losing details in the shadows, etc...and on top of it the PS3 seems to be clipping whites too on my system. BD looks good but....could look better. Any thoughts/comments?

David Ely

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Sep 1, 1998

This is a current limitation of the PS3 itself and it not caused by your setup. The fact it doesn't pass blacker than black is only something that affects calibration. It will not affect video playback.

What does after playback is black and white crush. After testing various disks, I'm pretty confident the black and white crush is limited to DVD playback. BD playback doesn't show signs of it.


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Aug 19, 2002

This is not really an accurate statement. True, loss of below-blacks are not that big a deal compared with loss of peak whites which are visible, but it is not something that only affects calibration. It can affect viewing visible, and is also used by video processing, dither patterning, etc etc etc.


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Dec 1, 1999
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there was/is a new update to download into the ps3 today.
1.31 i think is what it is.
wonder if that fixes this.
Jul 21, 1999
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Wendell R. Breland
For monitor adjustment using SMPTE Color Bars on the Sony BD titles click here. At Wikipedia is info on using the other patterns found on the Sony BD.

I measured the levels of the SMPTE Color Bar on the Sony BD using a Panasonic DMP-BD10 Blu-ray disc player. It was measured on the Y of the YPbPr output. The PLUGE pattern does not have a level below Blanking*. Therefore the prcedure for adjusting your Black Level Set (Brightness Control) will need to be modified. Adjust till the gray bar in the black area is clearly visible and the black area is "just slightly gray", then back down till the black area (Blanking) just blanks out. Alter according to taste.

The White Flag on the SMPTE Bars was .714 Volt and this is perfect.

I did not find any fault with the Test Patterns on the Sony BD. YMMV


*The NTSC SMPTE Color Bar was designed to help setup a video monitor. Later SMPTE Split Field Color Bars became available and had a PLUGE added to aid in black level adjustment. Since NTSC RS-170A video has a 7.5 unit Setup (pedestal) added to the video adding a PLUGE pattern did not cause any problems.

In SMPTE 274M (HD) video there is no "Setup (Pedestal)". Video is from Blanking to White or 0 - 100 Units or 0 - .714 Volt. Therefore there is no legal video below Blanking and hence no level below Blanking as in the NTSC type PLUGE pattern. SMPTE 274M (for 8 bit) defines video from 16 - 240. (0 - 15 and 241 - 255 are for overshoots)

I would love to see Blu-ray adopt 10 4:2:0 (10 4:2:2 for interlaced). This would (could) use more space and is one of the reasons I have always supported BDA. This should alleviate the banding caused by 10 to 8 bit conversion.

My SMPTE standards are from 2004. Is there any new Standards or RP's in regards to Color Bars, monitor adjustments, etc. in regards to SMPTE 274M?

Dave H

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Aug 13, 2000
I really hope Sony can fix the clipping issue with a firmware update - it could put the finishing touch on an already outstanding player.

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