PS3 Guitar Hero/ Rock Band Adapter

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Aaron Silverman, Jun 13, 2008.

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    Aaron Silverman
    Hey gang,

    Just FYI -- I picked up the Ant Commandos adapter ($20 from Amazon) and it works perfectly. It lets you use a PS2 Guitar Hero guitar to play the PS3 versions of both GH3 and Rock Band on the PS3 (and the PS2 version of GH1, but not GH2 or GH: '80s for some reason). It also works as a plain ol' adapter for using PS2 controllers on a PS3.

    I was able to use my PS2 GH1 guitar to play PS2 GH1 and PS3 Rock Band on my 60 GB PS3, no problem. Although to play the PS2 game I had to change the controller number of my remote control from #1 in order to get the game to recognize the guitar as controller #1. As far as gameplay goes, everything is great. The old GH guitar BLOWS AWAY the official Rock Band guitar.

    Sadly, the controller # LEDs on the adapter don't appear to work (the connection LED does), but I don't care enough about that to bother sending it back for replacement.
  2. Jeff Cooper

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    Yeah, I just got one of these to use my old PS2 Guitar from GH1 on the new PS3 GH3. It totally blows away the wireless Les Paul, no more random dropped notes.

    In just 1 pass through the Hard setlist, I increased my Career score by 750,000!

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