PS3 Firmware Download - What is the File Size?

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Doug Pyle, Jul 19, 2007.

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    Simple tech question - What is the file size when downloading the version 1.82 PS3 firmware update from the Sony web site to your computer?

    Each of several attempts downloading directly into the PS3, I got an error message at 40% and the download failed. Tech support said the error code was an unspecific download failure or interruption.

    When downloading the version 1.82 firmware update from the Sony web site to my computer desktop, the file saved on my desktop is 69,587 KB. I had expected a much larger file, based on the Sony web site statement of available hard drive needed, and based on the progress bar report.

    Did I get the complete file for the 1.82 firmware update? Is it really a 69,589 KB file?
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    The file sizes vary with each revision, but they're generally around 95-100MB. I also load them on a PC (at work, with a fat T3 line) and then put them on a USB drive to upload on the PS3. I haven't had it stop downloading early oin me, like it has for you. Good luck!

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