PS2 power switch-are people really THAT clueless?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Dave Bennett, Nov 15, 2003.

  1. Dave Bennett

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    Aug 11, 2000
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    So I was looking through an issue of Gamepro(free subscription thanks to a deal I saw somewhere). Anyhow, they had a little christmas stocking stuffer list and on there was a $10 product that relocated the PS2 rocker power switch to the front for people with entertainment centers etc.
    Now, my question is are some PS2 owners THAT clueless that they would spend money on this thing? Do they not know that you can hold down the reset button to turn the PS2 off(or i guess it might be more a standby mode as the red light stays on). I remember when I got my PS2 2 years ago I natrually thought to hold down the reset button to turn it off but apparently this is completely lost on some people.
    So I guess my question is are people really that clueless about this feature? If so, I've got a bridge to sell them [​IMG]
  2. Morgan Jolley

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    Oct 16, 2000
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    Honestly, you're supposed to put the console in standby before hitting the power switch. If people don't know that, they're damaging their console.

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