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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Jason McCallum, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. Jason McCallum

    Dec 14, 2001
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    I am nearing the drywall stage of framing on my theater room. I want to be sure of the correct video connections. The proj. is a Sharp 9000. It is about 20' from the equip. What are all the runs that should be made? The inputs are:

    Component/RGBx2(5RCA) - my dvd & my HDTV receiver only put out component on 3 RCA's, do I need all 5 for each feed?

    Video x 1 (RCA) - do I use a good quality(any suggestions for brand) 75 ohm cable and terminate the ends later, and also can I use this same cable for the RGB cable runs?

    S-video x 1 - do you buy a certain length premade? Like 25' 30' etc.?

    Computer RGB Exclusive x 1 (D-sub 15pin) - do I run this as a pre-made cable also?

    Wired Remote Control x 1 (3.5mm Mini Jack) - do I run one of these as well and what type of wire is used?

    RS-232C Serial Port x 1 (9-Pin D-Sub) - what do I use here and what is the possibly future purpose?

    Can I use the same 75 ohm cable to feed subs as well?
    What do you use for in wall IR wiring?

    Thanks a ton!
  2. Bob McElfresh

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    All your video cables can be 75 ohm coaxial cables.

    You only need 3 cables for component video. If you have a 5-cable bundle, you can use the other 2 for SVideo. You terminate the ends with BNC connectors and buy a "SVideo Breakout" cable that is a "Y" adaptor that converts the 2 cables into a SVideo plug.

    But this is thick/hard to use. Most people use a 3-conductor for Component video and a separate cable for the SVideo.

    Hit the custom sites and they can sell you a long component cable, and another component cable with:

    - 2 of the runs terminating in a SVideo connector with a "Y-Breakout" adaptor
    - 1 of the runs with just RCA plugs to make a composite video cable.

    I think that's it.

    If you want to future-proof your wireing, consider installing 4" flexable pipe and pulling the cable through it. Also pull a "fish rope" so you can pull more cable later.
  3. scott>sau

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    Bob, spelled it out well. I would also say that you can use RG6 Quad for the sub input interconnect. Cat5 for wiring the IR repeater eye to the connecting block. (Most wireless remotes on projectors reflect off the screen with success, however.)And when using the coax as video cable you can get F-to-RCA adapters from a electronic shop. RS232 is just for computer use. One is the input and the second is a daisy chain to another.

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