Pronto vs. HT500MX. What's the difference?

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    Another member asked for input regarding these remotes. They are different in kind, with the Pronto being a touch screen and the 500 being hard-buttoned. The Pronto is programmable using external software, while the 500 has some (quite a few) pre-programmed devices and allows programming virtually any other remote commands. Both allow macros, and both allow mixed-device buttons in a single page setup.
    I have owned both and found the 500 to meet all of the needs of a fairly complex system including a separate 2ch audio setup. But it seems to me that when it all comes down, it's a matter of whether you like the visual side of the pronto or the more traditional hard button approach of the HTM.
    Aside from the graphics, anyone got an application that couldn't be implemented on one or the other of these remotes? Is there anything that one will do that the other won't? Do you have a system that is so complex that you can't meet all your needs with one or the other?
    The answer to this question should halp anyone thinking about one of these devices make an informed choice.
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    I have (had) both. In my opinion, neither is perfect for my needs, though looking at remotes twice to ten times the price, none of those would meet my needs either... glass half empty.
    The Pronto, Pronto Pro (color), or any of the offspring versions all lack a couple of things I would love... Hard buttons for numbers, and a hard cursor control. Otherwise, the flexibility of those touchscreens and the tremendous amount of user support (ie are major things that are great with the Prontos. The software programmability is indispensible.
    The MX-500 is the one I'm using now (retired my Pronto to my parents). What it lacks is the software programmability. Also, macros don't allow for jumping around to different "pages" on the screen (unless there's a function on that page that the macro will engage). The text labels next to the fast forwards, rewind, etc. buttons (ie. "Menu") are distracting, but it's easy to mark over them with a dark blue permanent marker. The M1, M2, M3 macro buttons are also a little unfriendly, since no guest would know what the hell those buttons mean. I wouldn't care, if it wasn't for the also unfriendly nature of the device switching macro buttons by the LCD. For instance, if you press the DVD button, the LCD screen switches to the DVD set of commands on the screen. If you on the other hand hold down the DVD button for a second, then it initiates a macro you've assigned to that button. Usually, the macro would be switching to DVD sound on the receiver. Again, what novice would know to do that when they're visiting your home? I'm not sure how to solve that problem. Maybe allow you to set whether each button next to the LCD would switch to the DVD commands or instantly activate a macro without waiting for you to hold the button for 1 second. That way, those of us who have less than 10 devices could label one of the leftover LCD buttons for instantly activating the DVD macro, while another for going into the DVD commands on the remote.
    I would have gladly paid double what I paid for the MX-500 if it had a better way of handling macros by the LCD screen, and software programmability so I wouldn't have to use my Radio Shack remote to teach it new discrete codes.
    Overall, I complain a lot about both, but find both near the best possible solution at any price. Sorry, I don't like big, expensive, console type controls that are virtually no better than a Pronto / Pronto Pro, but are too big to hold in your hands.

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