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    Mar 14, 2000
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    I have spent the last two weeks seting up my Pronto but there is one thing I can not get to work. I have created a DishCD panel (for music on Dish)as one of my devices and when I programed in all the channel info using aliasing I get a blank screen whenever I go to that device. The only way I can see the buttons I created is when I press learn otherwise they are not there. Does anyone here know where I am going wrong? Better yet have any of you created a DishCD pronto file that you would be willing to share?
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    Mar 29, 2000
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    I don't have a file to share...But setting up the music channels is the next thing on my list. I have created ones for the movie channels, networks, etc..
    I have been fooling around quite a bit with the pronto and prontoedit.
    The problem you are describing sounds very much like the button(s) you have created are not referencing an action. When the prontoedit uploads it the result may be that the button will not be visable.
    I would recommend checking the properties of the buttons that are not showing up to make sure that they are referencing a IR code, another button, etc...
    good luck.
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