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Jul 25, 2008
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Patrick w.
I just had a few questions on what i should do. My university is offering me a 32 inch samsung lcd tv for $700 flat. But i wanted to put together a projection entertainment system. I was wondering if i could get a decent projector that would fit my needs for less then $700 or should i get the tv? What i wanted to hook up was: xbox 360, ps3,wii, Blu-ray player and try to get a tv tuner(or better off getting a cable box?). What kinda projector would be recommended? i dont really care if their refurbished or new but as long as it has the hook ups and fit my needs. Also right now im just looking at the projector i already got a free screen (if i want it) and audio set up. Thanks for the help!


Jun 30, 2008
Real Name
Pat Pilon
Are you living in a dorm? Suite? Apartment? It depends on a) the size of your room and b) the amount of light you can block out. Your projector really has to be at LEAST 10 feet away from the screen to get any kind of decent size out of it, and your room has to be really dark. Any kind of ambient light that comes into your room very quickly diminishes the depth and colour accuracy of the projector.

I have a projection system, and it's about 15 feet away (giving me roughly a 70" display), and a VERY dark room (no light if I don't want any), and I'm happy with my setup. I'm thinking of moving soon and I don't know how I'm going to stop the ambient light in the new place. That's the biggest problem.

As far as pricing is concerned, what model Samsung are they offering? The 32A330 can actually be foung pretty cheaply, and on a good sale 700 wouldn't be unheard of. If it's the 32A550, then it's a good price for that TV. And would be worth considering. For a projector, you might be able to find a 720p projector in that price range, if it's used. You can look for the Mitsubishi HC1600 or the Panasonic AX200. These are both good projectors and might fall into your range.

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