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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Chris_A_A, Jan 22, 2004.

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    So... I'm kinda new to the whole HT thing...

    I'm already set up. Have the 5.1 Technics surround installed, speakers mounted, projector in place... just wondering about screens...

    I'm running an in Focus LP290 at 17 feet from a 13' x 9' wall. To preserve the artwork painted on the wall, I tossed up a 12' X 8' screen made of 1/8" wallboard (fiberglass white paint). Cantilevered it out using screw hooks and rope with 1 x 2 supports on the back of the wallboard, then white taped the seams.

    Now the question is... what can I replace it with for screen material? There are so many types out there... not sure on the gain I need (fairly dark room with an 1100 lumen projector... can even see the screen with 2 150 watt light on). But, I have a "hot spot" at the top center of the screen.

    I'm assuming that a fabric screen will diffuse the hot spot and will increase reflectivity. Not that the wall board doesn't reflect well (it is almost TOO well), but the hot spot is quite annoying. Any suggestions as to what type of fabric to use? I'm wanting to stick with at least an 8' x 8' screen.


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    Cees Alons

    Welcome to the forum!

    Here's Neil Joseph's solution (painted a screen after all), and to see both, the history of his quest and some other opinions, read the whole thread.

    Very good screens can be found at: DA-Lite, and
    Stewart Filmscreens.

    Good luck!


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