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    Hi new to the whole projector area, for I never thought i would be able to afford one. But now im in the market.
    Is there a FAQ about what to look for in buying a projector? When I look at the specs, are there any things i should look for in particular? What are the minimums that you look for?
    Keep in mind im looking to spend the least amount possible for a HDTV projector. Ill even buy off ebay. Any suggestions?
    To show you how in the dark I am, I was looking at this:
    now can anyone tell me whats wrong with this one? What about the resolution? why is it cheaper if its hd? These are the things that im confused about.
    Anyone help me?
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    First thing...goto

    Very deep resource for beginners to pros.

    Just about every projector ever seems to be listed and reviewed there.

    They have great tools for helping clarify what you need, and how to get it cheap.

    My own thoughts...

    XGA or Better

    4:3chip is Fine

    16:9 chip is best.

    400 Lumens or better.

    2nd Gen DLP's are great. 1st Gens are bad

    LCD's are can be bad but XGAs are VERY CHEAP

    compared to entry-level DLP.

    Zoom and manual Focus are key.

    DON'T pay $2K or more...Unless you're going state of the art.

    Faves overall:

    Sony CX1(Awesome deals on line. Friend just bought)

    Sony VPL-400Q(hard to find)

    Sony VPL-w10HT(Legendary like the 400Q before it)

    Sanyo 9000-or-other model. (DLP / 16:9) Very nice indeed.

    That's a good start.

    Others will chime in soon, too.

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