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    Thanks in advance for all of your help. I am considering a crt. My question is the distance needed from projector to screen? And then veiwing distance from the screen. My room is 16w x 22d and 8" ceilings. I think that I would have the projector on the floor if this helps.

    Thanks again


    Current setup

    Sony XBR400

    Pioneer 434 DVD (Crap)


    Infinity IL40's Front

    Infinity IL36 Center

    Infinity IL10's Rear

    KLH Front effects and rear center
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    Most CRT projector average about 1.5 times the width of the screen for the throw distance. So if you want an 80" wide screen the distance from the front of your projector would be about 120" or ten feet. On CRT's this works the same for both of the major aspect ratios (16X9 screens or 4:3 screens) You will definitely want to double check this once you find the exact projector you want as this is only a rough estimate.
    I don't know if you have children or not but I tried leaving my projector on the floor but my 3 year old Daughter kept trying to look in to it which was not good so I eventually ceiling mounted mine. My ceiling is only 7.5 feet high and I can still walk under mine quite easily. Good Luck.
    BTW what budget are you looking at? There are some very good deals out there right now on used CRT's.
    On viewing distance most people recommend about the same distance back as the rear of your projector where ever you end up putting it at. If you use upscaled DVD and HDTV as your primary sources you can sit a little closer than that.
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    There is a distance calculator on this site.

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