Projector placement in a flawed HT space

Discussion in 'Displays' started by John Menoni, Jan 31, 2005.

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    I have quite a dilema in regards to placement of a projector. I am going to be getting a DLP projector (probably the Benq8700). Unfortunately my HT has major inconveniences that make it very difficult. My ceilings are only 6 1/2 ft high, and the width of a large part of the seating area is only 6 1/2 ft. Luckily the length is a healthy 22 ft. Origionally I was going to place the projector on a floor mounted stand and have the beam pointed between the front two seats. This might pose a problem because the room is so narrow and there isn't much room in between the two front seats. I was then considering mounting the projector on the ceiling but then everyone would be hitting there head when walking to the back row behind the projector. If anyone had a similar problem or could provide any insight it would be greatly appreciated. I had my heart set on a projector for the longest time and would hate to have to settle for a TV.

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    John, that's hardly a beginner's type of question. Please post projector queries here in Display Devices.

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