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Aug 29, 2000
I'll try to keep this concise :):

I'm fairly familiar with basic home theater setups, but I have never done anything with projectors. Last weekend, my church pulled down all the walls in our fellowship hall in order to have the electrical work upgraded. As part of a plan to be ready for introducing a projector into the room (which is about 25' x 45'), I guess we are trying to wire things up so that we can just connect something in the future.

The projector would end up on the ceiling (is that even a good idea?) at about the middle point of the room. The wires are going to run across the ceiling and down the wall to where we could have a computer or dvd player connected. My brother-in-law got some info from Best Buy, but I'm not sure how accurate it is. Here's my questions:

1 - What types of video connections do we need? I am thinking that a VGA connection would be necessary for connecting to a laptop or desktop computer. My brother-in-law was told about both s-video and component (not sure if they meant that or composite) as well. I'm thinking only one of those would be necessary to connect a dvd player.

2 - Are audio connections necessary? If we are going to connect a dvd player to a stereo, the audio connections would be between those pieces of equipment and not the projector, right?

3 - Is a VGA splitter/power booster necessary? The salesperson told my b-i-l that signals deteriorate over lengthy runs of cable. Given the distance the cable would have to go, I'm thinking we're looking at about 50' runs at max.

Thanks in advance for any info you can give me. If you have any suggestions for install, please either leave it here or drop me a PM.



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Jun 17, 2006
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There's a few factors you'll need to consider first:

1. How large of a screen will you need? You'll usually determine this by how far back the first row of seating will be. For example, if your first row sits about 15 feet back, 100" diagonal will probably be sufficient. Are you going to do a 4:3 or 16:9 format screen?

2. How far back does the projector need to go? Keep in mind that the further back the projector, the more light output it will need, and the more specialized of a lens it will need.

3. How much ambient light spills into the room? If there's a reasonable amount of light in the room, you'll need a projector with more output and a screen with a higher gain value.

4. If you mount from the ceiling, you might need an extension pole, depending on how high the screen is mounted. A lot of projectors have vertical lens shift adjustments to compensate for this.

5. As far is connections go, you'll definitely want VGA (for a computer), component video (for DVD players, etc.), and possibly a composite and s-video connection for other possible devices. Analog coaxial video signals lose about 3 dB of signal for every 100 feet of length. You can add signal amplifiers if you need to.

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