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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Jim Mcc, Mar 29, 2004.

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    I'm looking to buy my first projector, and have been reading reviews on Projector Central. I really like the Panny 300, but I would like a longer throw if possible. The reviewer said you need to sit 2X screen width back to eliminate SDE on the Hitachi Home-1, which would be 16' for me, too far. He says 1.5X screen width for the Panny 300, 12', much better. Is the picture that much better on the Panny 300? How much importance should I place on these numbers in their reviews? Thanks.
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    I'm watching films on a two year old NEC projector at 1.5 times the distance from my screen. I think people make too much out of "the screen door effect."
    Of coarse I notice the screen door if all I want to look at is that. My answer is I never notice it because I'm too busy watching the film. I can find flaws in my theater with black levels, grey bars on the top and bottom and maybe problems listening to dialogue but that doesn't diminish the enjoyment I get from my theater. I paid for what I could afford. Now maybe if I win a lottery, ebay might become a popular site to sell my flawed equipment.

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