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    I am new to projection TV, the only kind I really have experience with (at the sports bar) are the 3 tube crt projectors
    I will watch mainly normal TV so my screen will be 4 by 3
    the letter-boxing on movies has never bothered me on my 32 inch sony
    I am considering either getting a used CRT projector or a new Infocus X1 or Panasonic PT-L300U
    I have never seen the picture projected by an LCD or DLP projector and know of no one in the Cincinnati area that can show me one

    I would hate to spend $1500 to 2000 on one of these new projectors only to find out I did not like the picture

    any recommendations?

    I have already been looking at projector central but really need to see something so I can relate to "800 lumen's" and 300 to 1 contrast ratio

    Is there anyone in the Cincinnati/Dayton/Columbus/Indy/Louisville area that will let me see what one of the new projectors will do?
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    You will not like the picture if you are on regular cable or satellite service. I have a 6' wide 16/9 screen and dish network. Regular tv is ok, but it is not going to blow you away. I expect if I had a larger 4/3 screen, I would hate it. For regular tv, smaller is better.

    Now, movies on dvd are a different thing entirely. It is so beautiful, it hurts. Until you have actually watched a movie on a good projector, you don't know what you have missed your whole life.

    I have the Sanyo PLV-Z1 and can't recommend it strongly enough

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