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    I was recently in Costco and saw a Philips DVD935 player that advertised 3:2 pulldown for less than $200. On Sunday, a Fry’s ad had a Samsung player (no model number in ad) that advertised 3:2 pulldown for less than $150!
    I have searched the forum for information on these players and found nothing (except disdain for all things Samsung).
    I was almost burned by the Pioneer 434 “progressive” scan player last year, but was saved by this forum. Any information you can give would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    The problem with "cheap" progressive scan players with or without "3/2 pulldown" is that it is unknown how well they de-interlace non 24 fps film material, or material (rare but exists) with incorrectly coded flags used for 3/2 pulldown optimizing.
    All I can suggest is to audition the player yourself, or to wait for a magazine review. There is an excellent article entitled something like "DVD Shootout" by a Stacy Spears (I forget the URL); you could buy the DVD's used for the tests and take them to the store to audition a player with. Of course, if you do it yourself you will have to know what "combing" is and know what to look for in what scenes.
    It is not difficult to use the flags to identify matching video fields to make full frames for progressive scan video. It is difficult to do de-interlacing right for non-film source video, which requires analyzing the picture content.
    I would not be surprised if some day somebody advertises a non-progressive scan DVD player as having 3/2 pulldown -- because the 3/2 repeat pattern exists in any film source interlaced video, even that from your VCR which you can readily see by using the single step.
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