Progressive scan/3-2 Pulldown/Line doubler???

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    Aren't these all the same thing? From what I understand so far, they all have the same function but different names. Is this correct? What are the differences if any? Or am I just going crazy? I keep hearing all three terms as if they are different but what am I missing here?
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    Progressive scan: When compared to regular interlaced video, all the scan lines, not just the even line or just the odd lines, are drawn during each pass of the electron beam down the screen. Equivalent PC monitor term: Non-interlaced. If your TV isn't designed to handle progressive scan, you cannot feed progressive scan video into it and see the benefits.
    3-2 pulldown: The method of representing 24 frame per second movie film using 60 alternating odd and even video fields or using 60 progressively scanned full video frames per second. If you single step using your VCR you can see the 3-2-3-2 repeat cadence.
    Line doubler: Device that takes interlaced video and produces progressive scan video. The best ones recognize the 3-2 pulldown of video whose source was 24 fps film, and assemble full video frames from matching odd and even fields. The simplest ones just output each scan line twice. In either case there is a total of twice the scan lines per second compared with the input video, hence the name line doubler.
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