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Colin Dunn

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Oct 10, 1998
Indianapolis, IN
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Colin Dunn
I did a little searching of recent messages about progressive-scan DVD players, and wound up having more questions than answers at this point.
I am trying to find out what's on the market now, or in the near future, that meets my needs. I would be upgrading from a first-generation Pioneer DVD/laserdisc combi-player (a DVL-700) to a dedicated DVD player with DTS and progressive-scan support.
Other nice-to-haves would be: SACD support (with good analog DACs for this function) and ability to play back CD-R and CD-RW discs.
I will be using this player with a Sony VPL-VW10HT projector.
So here are my questions:
- What is it about the entry-level Pioneer players (such as the 434) that they don't do "true" progressive scan? Is it the lack of 3:2 pulldown support? Aside from the Pioneer 434, what players should I avoid due to half-baked progressive implementations?
- What is the "chroma bug" that has been observed on some progressive DVD players? Is this when the chroma portion of the picture (color) is offset from the luminance (B&W), resulting in indistinct/blurry edges? Or is it something else entirely?
- What are the video artifacts blamed on the Genesis chipset?
- What other chipsets exist or are in the works? Should I hold out for one of those, given the criticism of the Genesis chipset?
- As I understand it, progressive DVD uses a 0-IRE black level, but interlaced DVD uses a 7.5-IRE black level. Is there any occasion I would watch DVD in interlaced mode? Or do people talk about this brightness difference because they are alternating with other sources (such as cable, VCRs, or HDTV tuners)?
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Colin Dunn


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Jul 5, 2001
I can point you to a great review. Wide Screen Review Magazine (August issue) just did a killer review of the Denon 2800 progressive scan DVD player. It does not offer SACD, BUT it will read CD-R/RW and MP3 as well. It was compared against the Sony DVP9000ES (1500 dollar DVD player) and the Sony 7000S connected to a Faroudja DVP3000 scaler (480P output). The 2800 stood its ground, beating the 9000 on a few of the tests. It has two audio digitals outs, optical AND digital coaxial (nice to have). For quality progressive scan images this seems to be the DVD player of choice for those that dont have 1500 plus to spend on a DVD player. If SACD is very important to you, this may not be the player you want to look at, if not, it would be a crime to to give it a look.

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