Profile 2.0, Whazat!?

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    Now I know my home city, Eugene, OR, about 300 miles south of Seattle, and a bit more than 500 miles from San Francisco is not the center of the electronics universe. But with 21st century technology and communications available I would have assumed that even ordinarily Circuit City’s, Best Buy’s, and Video-Only’s unsophisticated sales clerks would by now know a little about Blu-Ray technology, especially since the DVD format war is concluded. Boy, am I wrong.

    Having read many article in the more popular home electronics magazines, the countless DVD & Blu-Ray references on the Internet, and trade journals I’ve decided I’d finally buy a profile 2.0 Blu-Ray player as this latest permutation appears to be the final development, for the time being.

    A sales clerk at Video-Only, 2 at Best Buy, and one at Circuit City, when I asked to see a profile 2.0 or BD-Live player , had absolutely no idea about what I was talking about. The Video Only floor clerk, grasping for a straw, showed me a player with a 1.3 label. I explained that 1.3, of course, referenced, the HDMI connectivity. “Hmm,” he responded. The other three registered dumb-eye puzzlement at the mention of Profile 2.0 or BD-Live.


    If there are reading this posting any Best Buy, Video Only, or Circuit City upper management types, please respond to explain why your employees at your stores are so incredibly ignorant about the products they’re selling. Please explain to me why they’re in business- or what their business models assume.

    Sheesh, it’s no wonder that millions of $’s are spent by tens of thousand of home electronics consumers who wind up with “home theater,” stuff for which they overpaid and are underserved. If these “salespeople,” don’t even know how to hook up a DVD’s audio output to an inexpensive stereo receiver, then thousands of homeowners bragging to their neighbors about their “home theater” systems ain’t got the foggiest notion that what they believe they have just ain’t.

    As far as buying a 2.0 player, well, I’ll wait, for prices to moderate, at least, if I can find one.
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    Moved from A/V Source. This could go to either Vendor Feedback or HT Hardware -High Definition, but since it seems you already know what Profile 2.0 is, I'm picking the former.


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