Problems with the Sony SAT-60

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  1. Randolph Damore

    Jan 3, 2003
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    Hello all,

    I just signed up for DirecTV and purchased a Sony SAT-60 receiver with integrated TiVo.

    Once every week or so the system will become incredibly slow. It will also reset itself every time I try to access a TiVo function. I have noticed this tends to happen around the same time it tries to make its daily phone call to the TiVo service.

    When I initially setup the unit it was unable to connect to TiVo through my phone lines. The installer claimed this may be due to the length of the phone cable - about 30'. Since that time I've been able to get it to connect without any real trouble. The line runs from the SAT-60 to an in-line filter, then a three-way splitter, then into the wall.

    The building I live in was built in 1930 and has some very old wiring in it - including the phone lines.

    Some other observations:

    - This seems to occur more frequently when recording two shows at once.

    - This seems to be aggravated by using my JBL TC1000 remote to control the SAT-60.

    Do any of you have suggestions on what may be going on? Is the SAT-60 (or TiVo in generall) especially sensitive to old/bad phone lines?

    I'm really at a loss on this.

  2. Steven Simon

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    Sep 14, 1998
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    Steven Simon

    I have had the same unit, and this has happed to me a few times since I had the unit (Maybe 4 times in 1 year).... A system reset would take care of the issue.
  3. Mark_E_Smith

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    Jan 10, 2002
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    If it is possible try to run a clean phone line or remove the spliter for a little while. What may have happened is you got a corrupted download of software because of the bad phone line/low signal. All versions of software below 3.1 download via the phone line and the unit has 2.5.2 from the factory. Look and see what version of software you have, it is listed in the message/setup, system information page. I think what happened is it is trying to upgrade to a new version but it cant so it restores the old version that is held in a separate partition. With the 3.1 software downloads are off the satilite. If you use the channel button on the remote you can page down through the info pages and see if it is "pending restart" that means it has a new software version its about to load in at the next 2 am time frame. I dont think the remote is an issue. I have one of the original SAT-60s, some times the phone lines at TiVo get busy and that is why it cant make the call in most cases. Hope this helps, BTW most DTV CSRs dont know much about TiVo stuff so ask for the TiVo guru if you call DTV or go to the TiVo community forum here;
    they have a page just for the Direct TiVo.

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