Problems with saving settings in Windows XP

Dome Vongvises

Senior HTF Member
May 13, 2001
I like to view my files and folders a certain way. For my music folder, I like to use the List view option. For my pics, I like thumbnail. For my general downloads, I like detail.

However, everytime I start up the computer for the first time in the day, the folder views get screwed up. My music files are in thumbnails, my pictures get reverted to filmstrip view, etc. etc.

How do I stop this and keep my old settings.

Rob Gillespie

Senior HTF Member
Aug 17, 1998
Which version of Windows are you running?

XP will remember a certain number of folder views, I think it's about 400 before it reverts back to the default. Earlier versions will be less, probably.

Try this. It should work for most versions.

Open one instance of Windows Explorer and set one folder to the view you want - the one that will be used for the majority of your system.

Go to Tools > Folder Options >> View tab

Scroll down and make sure the option for 'Remember each folder's view settings' is ticked.

Click on 'Reset All Folders', then 'Apply To All Folders'.

Close your current Window.

From that point Explorer should open with that view as the default. If you now change the others to how you like they should be remembered for a while. There is a registry hack to increase the number of 'remembers' but see how you get on with this first.

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