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Problems with Marants SR7300, B&W Nautilus 804 speakers (1 Viewer)

Dec 30, 2003
I used to have Marantz 7300 receiver with Bose Lifestyle speakers in my home theater. Everything used to work pretty good, including my xbox, ps2, dvd etc etc..

Last week, I just got new puppies, a pair of B&W Nautilus 804 and HTM-2 speakers. I have no problem using them for TV, XBOX and PS2. But, I am having problems watching movies or music videos on my DVD player.

As soon as I run any DVD, everything works great for 5-6 minutes, but then my receiver Marants 7300 starts flashing message "PROTECT" .. and then speakers stop.

Any idea what's wrong here ? I have tried to drive speakers keeping "Small" or "Large" options and between frequencies 80 and 100 Htz.

Any help will be highly appreciated.



Roger Dressler

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 15, 1999
Rajiv wrote:
>>Any idea what's wrong here ? I have tried to drive speakers keeping "Small" or "Large" options and between frequencies 80 and 100 Htz.

Roger J

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 11, 2004
I'm not familiar with this receiver, but I do own the B&W 804s. The 804s are 8 ohm nominal, but do drop well below that on occasion. These speakers are also not terribly efficient, but neither what I would call inefficient (89dB). They do, however, require quite a bit of current to really sound they way that should.

I have driven these speakers with two different high-end receivers, one of which I could shut down due to overload and one that didn't. Rajiv did not say what the conditions were when the receiver goes into protection, but if it plays at the same volume on the other sources as the DVD player but only shuts down on the DVD, then I would say the problem is in connections or in internal setup of that source.

If this receiver is not a fairly powerful model, then the speakers should be run as "small" with the crossover at 80 Hz. A powered sub should be used. With proper setup, there is no reason a receiver should not drive these speakers, just don't expect it to bring out their best.


Nov 5, 2002
At what volume does the receiver go into "protect" when you play a DVD? I drive speakers that dip as low as 4 ohms nominal with an SR7300, don't use a separate subwoofer, and have never had the reciver go into "protect", even at sustained volume levels of -5dB (pretty loud!). At that volume level, the receiver still had 23dB of headroom.

Also, be sure to check all your speaker wiring for lose connections/shorts.

John Garcia

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Jun 24, 1999
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Note that the 804s show on the B&W site to drop down to as low as 3Ohms, and as noted before, they are also 89dB efficient. These speakers will require a fair amount of power to be driven properly, and I would expect the 7300 to struggle with them, though not go into protect (depending on volume). I've owned 4 Marantz receivers with various speakers and never had a single one of them go into protect.

I dove 4 Ohm speakers, which dip to a minimum 2.6 Ohms (91.5dB efficient), with an 8300, and found them to become compressed at higher volumes, but they would still play and not cause the receiver to go into protect.

Check all your wiring, meaning disconnect and reconnect each wire at the speaker and receiver to make sure you have no shorts. Then try one speaker at a time, and check that each one is working properly, it is possible you have a damaged speaker.

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