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problems with JVC dvd player...is it worth fixing or get another? (1 Viewer)

Keir H

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Jan 4, 2001
I have a JVC 723 GD. It is an outstanding player (when working) :frowning: The progressive scan output makes me smile when watching movies like Tombstone, Meet The Parents, many more. I cannot understan why so many people are having problems with there players though. My old Pioneer 414 never had any problems and it's off to another good home now though. I have heard that dvd's lockup and freeze and I'm getting that now. Almost as if there was a timer in the thing to start acting up. Had it for 4 months. Got tired of resetting it and I am no thinking of sending it in. Should I only go with JVC service? I hear they charge an arm and a leg! Is this how companies make their money-on repairs? Otherwise it's a nice player with great sound too from the 414. But, I wanted to know if there is reason for me to get it fix. It may cost more than the player itself ($250). Is there anything else you guys can recommend? I hear the RP 56 is good, but then I hear of it failing too. I have a Panny 47 HDTV.

Westly T

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Oct 5, 1999
I had one of the first generation players and it was nothing but trouble. It acted up after two weeks and never stopped. I sent it in for repair under warranty and they couldn't fix it. Then it was sent to JVC who also couldn't fix it and offered me another unit or my money (eventually, after months of waiting). The other unit was a lower model so I took the money.

What was the problem you ask? It locked up all the time! I went around looking for a new player and found that a many of the JVC's on display in the local stores were locked up as well! I've avoided JVC DVD's until a few weeks ago when I gave them another try with the progressive, DVD-Audio, 7-disk changer model??? 90???. So far so good.

My Point? I'd buy something else; rather then pay for a repair. You'll get better features and probably pay the same. You'll have a complete new system, but with the repair something else may fail in a short time if you're lucky enough to actually get it fixed in the first place.


Feb 12, 2002
I agree. Sell it/return it and find a new player. Maybe you can get JVC to give you some kind of refund if you scream loud enough.

Steve Schaffer

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Apr 15, 1999
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Steve Schaffer
I've had a JVC XV-F80BK for 6 months with no problems whatsoever. I was wary due to reported problems with earlier JVCs. I needed a replacement for my Panasonic A-320, a highly rated interlaced player that was crapping out after only 1 year. I've had 2 Sonys, one of which is now 4 years old and still going strong for the guy I sold it to.

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