Problems with DVP-NS500v and 700?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by JeffreyH, Jan 12, 2002.

  1. JeffreyH

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    I know another member here was having problems with soft focus on 4:3 tv's with Sony's 700 model.

    I was wondering if anyone else that owns one of these has the same problem?

    I looked at both of them today and thought I noticed some softness with the 700, but the video wasn't that great, it was a black&white Shania Twain video. The 500 was running in fullframe on both their sets and looked great. Maybe because it was in fullframe?

  2. Ryan Spaight

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    The "problem" in question is how Sony does downconversion (display an anamorphic image on a set not capable of displaying anamorphic). They apply fairly heavy interpolation to make up for the dropped lines, which has the positive effect of nearly eliminating downconversion artifacts (stair-stepping, mainly) but the negative effect of producing a somewhat softer image than other players that are less aggressive with interpolation. (Some early players did no interpolation and simply dropped every fourth line -- this resulting in an image that was as sharp as the raw anamorphic image but was crawling with "jaggies.")

    It's unlikely this will change any time soon, since Sony has done downconversion this way since day one and the 7000 player. If downconversion is a factor for you, you should definitely check the performance out (take it home on a 30-day return if possible) to see if the softness bothers you. Some are driven nuts by the softness, others are driven nuts by the jaggies.

    Of course, the ultimate solution is to get a set capable of displaying anamorphic material and eliminate downconversion altogether -- these sets are getting cheaper all the time (they don't necessarily have to be 16x9 sets -- many better 4x3 sets can do it now as well) and will give you a much, much better picture than any downconversion process ever will.


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