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    I just recieved my SVS 20-39 pci sub. The problem is that I have to turn up the volume on my reciever to get output from the sub. I have my sub level on my reciever at 0. (It ranges from -12 to 12) The master volume is set at -40 (It ranges from -60 to I thinlk 20?) I normally listen to movies at -20to -40 depending on the movie. I have the sub volume on the sub amp at 3/4 volume. I have a rca cable from the sub pre-out to the input of the amp. I am using a denon 3600 reciever. Is this normal or do I have something I need to adjust.
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    I would suggest using a splitter on the RCA cable to feed both the L and R inputs on the sub. This will increase the voltage to the sub at a given output level on the receiver, making the auto-on feature (if you choose) more sensitive.

    This will not affect the quality of the sub signal nor the sub output capability. Also, don't forget to recalibrate the speaker levels.

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    Is this for all programming??

    That really is not normal. The PCi amps are VERY sensitive. I'm not sure I've ever heard of someone needing to run either the receiver or the sub that high. Please double check your sub settings in the receiver. Make sure you have the sub ON, and for now I'd also set all your speakers to "Small" till it's clear what's going on.

    I think you have the option to send bass to Mains, Sub or Both? Run with ONLY the "sub" setting too.

    Make sure "midnight mode" is off and keep in mind that EACH of your Denon's playback modes (Dolby Digital/DPL, Stereo, Matrix, Direct etc.) has it's own bass memmory settings. If any one of those is set lower than you used to calibrate you'll get whacky results.

    Also, are you refering to the test tones, music, movies or what?? If you haven't already I highly recommend you get a sound meter (lots on this in our FAQ's page) and make sure you are not calibrated much higher than you think. THe calibration tones will NOT sound very loud at all. Better yet, avoid the Denon's calibration tones and use a test DVD like Avia or good old Video Essentials with your SPL meter.

    Two other things to play with. Make sure your DVD player is set to Dolby Digital/DTS. I've seen more than one player that defualted to the PCM track on all DVD's and you would never know if you weren't staring at your DD light on a receiver. Finally, placement is key. Try some alternatives, especially if your room is large. Corners tend to work best, and particularly bad locations (it's hard to know what's a bad location until you experiment a bit) can make a killer sub (and the 20-39Pci IS a killer sub) sound poor indeed.

    There's an outside chance your sub was damaged but we have VERY few such cases with PCi subs. Watch your settings and be sure you don't blow out your windows or the sub if you discover the gremlin. You are set relatively high at the moment. I'd say there is at least as good a chance that your Denon is putting out far less voltage than is typical (it wouldn't be the first we've heard about). If you have the SPL meter and the test disk working right, do not be afraid to go up a bit higher than the 00db on the sub you are at now. Even +6dB wouldn't be totally out of the question, but if you are maxxing the sub and the receiver sub level and only hitting a normal measured calibration then something is wrong for sure.


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