problem with sherwood amp/subwoofer help needed

Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by julian t, Feb 11, 2006.

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    hi guys first time poster here from he uk, just need a bit of help,or answers really.

    ok i have a 5.1 set up running through a sherwood rd6103 r amp, with an eltax set of 5.1's.

    now all been running brilliantly for a few years, untill i noticed that the subwoofer wasnt working anymore, now upon further investgation it turned out its now a dead unit , no power at all.

    that happened a few weeks ago, and today i finally got some cash together to get me another subwoofer.

    so i got another eltax sub ( EASW20), now the major problem i have is this,

    upon connecting the sub, ( for those who know the sherwood, its a singular audio connector from the sub to the amp and then upon switching it on, i get a massive feedback sound from the sub, so much so i need to put the 2 volume dials down to zero (the ones on the sub) imediatly to avoid serious ear damage, and even the slightest increase on any dial starts the feedback sound again.

    now can anybody please tell me whats wrong,and why is this happening??, because at the minute i cant get the 5.1 to work in conjunction with the sub at all, it can work without the sub, but we all know how crap that sounds

    couple of observations that may help,
    .. is iam now concerened it may actually be the amp thats the problem,and its that what killed the 1st woofer, and now makes this one act weird.i hope to god it aint i cant afford another, but i think it probably isnt , why else would all normal speakers work and not the sub

    also as a back up why i check a few things out, is there another way to get my sub working with the 5.1 system, say through the dvd player or aanything else

    guys any help much apriciated, being dissabled money is so tight, and iam really dissapointed now this has happened and leaves me back to square one, with another duff sub i think.

    thanks again guys.
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    Hello Julian,

    Welcome to the forum.

    If you never heard that sound from your previous sub, it's hard tto believe it was the receiver killing it.

    First you have to find out if the sub itself is alright. I don't know that particular one. Is it an active sub (with an amp of its own)?

    If yes, then please disconnect the cable from its inputs, switch it on, and see if it makes the same noise (carefully turn the volume dials up). If it's alright, try to connect it to another amp, if you have one (or can lend one). Does it works properly (even using the same cable to connect it, if possible), then it might be the amp.

    What sort of tone is what you call "feedback"? Is it a high pitched tone, or more a low bass frequency (like 50Hz)?

    If you want to test the sub, you could even connect it to the loudspeaker out of an amp you trust. Just start with all volume dials set to "0" and carefully turn them up a bit, not all the way.

    You really need to find this out first!


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