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Dec 30, 2001
Last Thursday I ordered the Star Wars OT from Samgoody.com with Priority Shipping. A week and two days later, I have no confirmation e-mail (or any e-mail notification for that matter), no tapes, nothing. I stupidly didn't save the order number, and bought as a guest shopper. I go to the site today, and they're apparently NOT even selling the WS OT anymore. What should I do?:angry:

Kelly V

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May 30, 2002
Barring that, check with your Credit Card Company and get the information that they have about the sale, if you haven't already. They should have some sort of Purchase Order# for their transaction on your behalf. This is the second time today that I have heard this kind of story about On-Line purchasing.
I had a customer call at work today, and he had odered a large quantity of a (single title) book from Amazon.com. They sent him less than half of the books six weeks ago, with no notice of what had happened to the rest of his order. He hasn't even been able to find a customer care# and there was no response to his inquiries via E-mail. He's got a new class of firefighters starting training next week, and most will not have their texts as a result of this snaffu.
Since my company is affiliated, I tried my best to direct him to someone who could help. What made me feel really bad is that I have been touting Amazon for 2 years as the place to go if you need it quick. This has made me re-evaluate recommending them in the future.
I wonder, sometimes, if on-line retailers are counting on a certain number of customers not following through? The problem with shopping On-line is that it is so easy to click it and forget about it.
I hope you can work it out - good luck!

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