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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Clayton_T, Dec 12, 2003.

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    I recently purchased a Philips 32" HDTV (32PT830H). I do not yet have an HD tuner, so currently the only source I can plug into the HD input (via component video cables) is my JVC Progressive Scan DVD player (XV-S62).

    During playback of a DVD, the screen size will occasionally zoom in and out rapidly. The amount of zoom is very slight and happens in a split-second. This only seems to happen during the first 30 minutes or so of playback. It does not occur when the disc is paused. If I open an on-screen menu for the TV settings while the glitching occurs, the menu text will zoom in and out along with the DVD picture. Also, this problem does not happen consistently.

    I am having a hard time determining whether it is something wrong with the HD portion of my TV, or if it is the DVD player putting out a random glitch. I still have 2 months of warranty left on the set, but I will still be a bit paranoid about future failure even if it is fixed.

    Has anyone had any similiar experiences?
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    Many TV sets have this problem from day one, when the overall picture brightness is greater, the picture is slightly larger.

    The problem is more noticeable when there is text, or subject matter with distinct straight lines, on the screen.

    If there are some occasional bright scan lines that are off the screen due to overscan or present because the electron beam was not completely shut off during the vertical retrace interval, you may see the problem even though the picture itself is not changing in brightness much.

    If you reduce the contrast you might lessen this problem.

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