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Problem with Panasonic TV not recognising an HDMI input source (2 Viewers)

Bruce Morrison

Supporting Actor
May 16, 2001

I'm having a problem with my TV not recognising the availability of an HDMI-connected source input.

My setup is as follows:

Panasonic 4K player (I have just acquired this)
Sony multi-region Blu-ray player
Denon receiver
Panasonic 4K OLED TV

The TV has two HDMI inputs. The receiver has several HDMI inputs and one HDMI output.
The Panasonic 4K player has two HDMI outputs, the second one being audio only. So one HDMI lead connects the player's HDMI1 output to the TV's HDMI1 input. Another HDMI lead connects the player's HDMI2 (audio) output to an HDMI input on the receiver.
The Sony Blu-ray player has only one HMDI output, so a third HDMI lead connects this to an HDMI input on the receiver.
A fourth HDMI lead connects the receiver to the TV's HDMI2 input.

All the HDMI leads are high-speed and therefore support 4K content.

I need this configuration because the receiver, which dates from 2013, does not support the HDCP 2.2 standard used on 4K discs. For the 4K player, I therefore have to bypass the receiver and route the video signal directly to the TV.

The problem is that when I switch on the TV, the receiver and the 4K player, the TV is not recognising the availability of the 4K player. The only options being displayed are 'TV' and 'HDMI2'.

When this first happened after I'd connected the 4K player to the TV and receiver, I unplugged the TV and re-connected it to the mains. It then did recognise and display the HDMI1 source in the options and I could play a 4K disc successfully, with the audio being handled by the receiver. (This also proved that the HDMI leads and connections are all working.)

However after switching everything off and then returning to play another 4K disc later, the problem recurred. The HDMI1 option is not being displayed on the TV.

Can anyone explain why this would happen and suggest what I should do to resolve it? Obviously I can't contemplate having to disconnect and reconnect the TV to the mains supply before each session!

Any ideas would be very welcome.

Bruce Morrison

Supporting Actor
May 16, 2001
It's OK - I've found the solution and it turned out to be something completely ridiculous!

My TV setup includes a setting for entering a description for each of the HDMI sources (e.g. "Blu-ray", "DVD", etc.). When my TV was originally installed, I was only using the HDMI2 input, so the installer didn't enter a description for HDMI1. That's why it wasn't being displayed in the selection menu. Now that I've entered a description, it's being displayed and can be selected.

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