Problem with my new Tosh 65HX81 plus a few more questions.

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    May 26, 2000
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    Take into consideration that this is my first widescreen HD-ready TV, as you read this, please realize I am new to some of the terminology. The set was just delivered yesterday and everything seems to be working correctly except for this. When I hook the component inputs on the set to the progressive outputs on my DVD, the screen looks like it splits into 3 vertical sections with each section rolling very fast (thats the best way I can think of describing it). If I hook it to the interlaced outputs on the DVD, it plays fine. I have ruled out the DVD player being the problem by swapping it out with another progressive scan player and the same problem happens. The cable is homemade but I took it to a friends house and hooked it up to his Tosh 65" (the TW series, forget the exact model number) and the cable worked great with both his and my progressive DVD player.

    So, I figure it has to be the set unless I am overlooking something stupid. I ordered the set online so my I have to go through Toshiba for support. I had to fax my proof of purchase today so they can make sure its not a refurb before they can send out a local tech and they said verification can take up to a day or two. While I was waiting I thought I would throw the problem out to you guys for any suggestions or guesses as to what the problem could be.

    Another question. My knowledge in the area of 3:2 pull-down is limited to say the least. I read an article today in Widescreen Review where the 57HX81 was being reviewed and he said "this set offers inverse-telecine deinterlacing with 3:2 pull-down detection to convert interlaced video to progressive video" I understand how to enable this on the set but is the above quote saying that this feature will give me the same quality of picture as if the progressive inputs were working? If so, this would give me peace of mind while I wait for the service techs to come over, order parts and such. I guess what I'm saying is that while I waiting for the other problem to be fixed, is the picture I'm seeing from the interlaced outputs as good as what I will be seeing from the progressive outputs as long as I am watching a movie with the set's 3:2 pulldown enabled?

    Questions 3&4. Where can I get the service manual for the 65HX81? I can find all others but it. Also, the way I found on the internet to get into the service menu does not work on my set. Does anyone know the actual method to get into it on my model?

    Last question, I promise! Since this is my first widescreen and will serve as both the main family TV as well as Home Theater for movies. If I keep it in 4:3 mode most of the day to watch regular TV will I eventually get burn-in on the sides where the grey area meets the picture? If so would it help/hurt if I changed the grey sidebars to black?

    Sorry this was so long! As always, any suggestions are appreciated and thanks for your time!

    Robert Derouen
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    First question: I have no clue, honestly. As long as the component cables are properly hooked up, there should be no problem. What kind of DVD player do you have?
    Second question: The quality of the de-interlacing chip is what separates a $200 DVD player from a $500 DVD player. Same goes for TVs; some TVs (such as Pioneers) are known for excellent de-interlacing hardware built-in, while some can be nearly unwatchable. Depending on the DVD, and what DVD player you have, the difference between 3:2 pulldown from your Toshiba and 3:2 from your DVD player can be barely noticeable to very noticeable. I think overall, you would be pleased with the picture for now, while you wait to get your television fixed (if only for the simple fact that you haven't seen your DVD player work in progressive mode yet).
    Questions 3 & 4: Check out this site. Might have the info you need; might not.
    You will get burn-in if you keep the TV in 4:3 mode. The Keohi site above has some tips for properly breaking in your set. Changing your sidebars to black will still give you burn in. I suggest you play around with the Zoom modes and see if any of them are watchable on your TV.

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