Problem with JBL PB12 Subwoofer

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Joseph Hansen, Feb 2, 2004.

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    I hope this is the proper place to post this query; it was the only area that sounded anywhere close to appropriate. If not, please redirect me.

    I purchased a JBL PB12 subwoofer used, about 2 years ago. Sometime last year, it suddenly stopped working. The following is a brief list of the things I have checked:

    It is hooked up to the LFE output from my amplifier.

    The front light turns from red to green when an LFE signal is present. This leads me to believe that the preamp section is good, since the front lights are fed from the preamp.

    The fuse is good.

    The wires between the power amp section and the speaker are good.

    I have hooked it to the rear channel output of my amplifier; again, the front lights changed to green, but there was no sound. Since I know the rear channels are good, I know it's not my amplifier; therefore, it's internal to the subwoofer itself.

    I checked out the PC board inside, and there were no obvious areas where a component shows signs of getting fried. All of the capacitors looked good, too (any simple way to test a capacitor with a cheap multimeter?).

    From searching on Google, I have found that the JBL subwoofers go out after a couple of years, but nobody has really said what goes bad. I also understand that JBL/Harman no longer supports these, and has no replacement amps in stock.

    Any educated guesses (or better yet, personal knowledge)? Are there any aftermarket amps I could put into the cabinet that would work?

    Thanks for any and all input,

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    Buy a new cheap plate amp for it...
    I think they are around $100 for a 250watt.....

    Search this forum here, there have been posts on them in the last few months.

    Or you can go really external and by-pass the amp completely that is in there. I like the AudioSource Amp 1/A's for this, bridged they have extremely respectable sub duty performance for around $125....

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