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    Jun 25, 2001
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    I've recently upgraded to Windows XP. I love the XP, but the compatability issues I'm running into are a nightmare.

    Here's my priority: My burner is not able to write data.

    My CD-ROM is a Samsung CD-R/RW SW-208F. I am able to play CDs, play previously-burned CDs, and install retail software with the drive, but I'm having problems writing to it.

    My main concern is that I want to back-up data from my C drive onto CDs. I've tried different methods:

    1) Uing Microsoft backup (error message says the file name I've chosen is incorrect or I don't have access to the drive).

    2) Going into Explorer and dragging folders from the C drive into the D drive (looks like it's working, but when I check afterwards, the disk is empty).

    3) Also within Explorer, selecting a data file, then clicking on COPY to another folder, and selecting the D drive as my destination. This method really looks like it's copying the files properly, with a little window and a progress report bar, then is says the data was transferred. Of course, when I check, the disk in the D drive is empty.

    I've tried using different manufacturers' disks. I've gone to the Samsung website to look for drivers. I've tried the hardware troubleshooter in XP.

    What I'm on the verge of doing is buying a new burner - with Nero software - and installing that. Can I assume this would fix my problems??

    Any other ideas?


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    Have you tried going to the manufactuers website to see if they have updated XP drivers for your burner?

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