Problem with BD-P1000. Please Help!

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by dkwammack, Sep 26, 2006.

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    Sep 26, 2006
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    Hey everyone,

    I recently purchased the Samsung player and hooked it up to my Denon 2807, which runs to a Sony 60A2000 (1080p SXRD).

    When the player boots up, there are lines running through the screen and they do not go away until I power down the unit and unhook the HDMI.

    Not gloating, but I have a HD-A1 and a DirecTV HD-DVR hooked up to the Denon (the BD player replaced the DVR), so I know it is not my Denon.

    I have to do this cable reset every.single.time. I want to watch a movie....and I am close to giving up and returning it and waiting on the Sony deck. Of course, I bought four movies that I cant return....


    Samsung's tech support was useless, as to be expected. They wanted to blame my Denon...but I told them the 2807 supports HDCP and passes 1080p. Should I swap it out and get a new one?

    Please help! Does anyone else have problems running through their receivers?
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    Is your HDMI indicator on the front panel lit? I have the Sammy running through HDMI on my Denon 4806 and it's working perfectly.

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