Problem with an old Panny A-310 (remember those?)

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    I have an old Panny A-310 that has performed flawlessly for over 5 years, but now is beginning to exhibit a problem. It first happened with the new Star Wars: AOTC DVD. AT the beginning of chapter 26, and lasting through chapter 28, I was getting severe pixelization, as well as sound and picture freezes. If I picked another section of the disc however, the problem didn't show up.

    I went to Blockbuster and rented another copy to see if it was my disc, and sure enough it still did the same thing. I read through the many reviews of the disc on-line, and nobody mentioned this problem with the set. I figured my player was finally starting to die.

    On a whim, I decided to open the disc drawer, and blow into the player, thinking that maybe some dust or lint had become lodged over the laser. Sure enough, when I put the disc back in, it played flawlessly through the entire movie. I thought my problem was solved.

    Then last night, I decided to watch the movie again, and this time it started pixelating and freezing up at chapter 23 (earlier than before).

    I am thinking I still have a dust/lint problem that needs to be correctly remedied (rather than just blowing the dust around). My question is this: has anybody opened their player up to clean it? What type of cleaner should be used? Is there a better way to clean the lens assembly without opening it up? Is there a cleaning DVD on the market that will do the trick? Any other ideas?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    I recently came across the same problems on my Panasonic A-300. 'Beauty and the Beast' kept locking up on me (I went though 3 copies that all did the same thing). Also more and more discs started to show the same problems but to a lesser degree. I also tried the blowing into the tray trick but it did nothing. I bought the player in March of 1997 and it worked fantastic up until the last 6 months. The problem with pixelation on certain discs started out minor but over the next few months kept getting worse.
    A few weeks ago I decided to retire the A-300 to my bedroom, and I bought the Panasonic RP-82, My Beauty and the Beast dvd played flawlessly without and pixelation or audio drop-outs. Also I no longer have any problem with rental dvds skipping or locking up. On my A-300 it was getting to the point where even some spotless dvds would choke at about the halfway point.
    I don't know what happened to the A-300 but I guess that perhaps it just got old, and maybe the laser was not tracking as well anymore or just plain dying. But I got so much use out of it, that I still feel it's the best $750 I ever spent. (My RP-82 only cost me $230, boy the prices have sure come down)
    As far as lens cleaners, I stongly advise against them.
    Read this thread for more info on lens cleaners
    also this thread

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