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problem setting LFE level on Yamaha 5560 (1 Viewer)

Kevin Co

Dec 31, 2002
I made a similar post to this one in SPEAKERS AND SUBWOOFERS several days ago, however since I think the root of my problem is my receiver and not my sub (not to mention not receiving any replies in the aforementioned post), I will ask the same question here. I'm having a problem with setting the LFE level on my 5560 receiver. All of my mains are set to "SMALL" and have been calibrated at 75dB. My sub is a Velodyne VX-10 connected to the 5560's subwoofer pre-out via an rca Y-splitter. Its level has been calibrated at 75dB and it sounds great. I have its variable crossover maxed out at 200 Hz and its gain is set at approx. 20% (I've read that Velodyne subs typically operate best in the 15%-50% range). This results in a receiver "SWFR" level of -10dB. My problem is that when performing a 6 channel low frequency test in Avia the LFE portion drops by about 6dB compared to the mains. This is with the LFE level at its maximum level setting in the 5560. What's the deal?? Is the problem in the 5560's bass management circuitry? Or, am I just doing something wrong? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Bill Kane

Feb 5, 2001
If you want reassurance that your Yamaha rcvr isnt going blitzy on you, I'll offer it.

It is MUCH more likely that the AVIA 6Chl Sweep is off than the Yamaha. I base this on previous posts here as far as a year ago in which others found calibration/SPL reductions in this particular test. I cannot locate this archive.

It's been said people detect a 6dB under reading oin the sweep. But in actual DVD playbacks, the SWFR/LFE seems nominal. I recently looked for this during a spkr calibration tune-up, but cudnt resolve it, or didnt want to spend any more time on it, since my SWFR doesnt seem deficient. I run RX-V800.

With Yamaha, we want to set the SWFR LEVEL probably no higher than -10dB (mine is -16.5dB) because this still sends adequate voltage to the SUBOUT and keeps my sub AUTO alive.

The AVIA disc pink noise methodology does not test LFE (or the actual .1 in DD recordings) but rather the actual low bass present in the sub. Matching the sub to the Left Main is the standard way to go.

Yamaha rcvr setup also offers the LFE trim adjustments that apply only to DVD soundtracks:
(a)DD LFE defaults at 0.
(b)Dts LFE is set to +10. The Dts setting is based upon some original glitches in adopting the codec, and some new rcvrs come with no Dts LFE adjustment, or something more limited.

Have you read this Brian Florian's Secrets

edit: I see from yr posting at SPot that you've got a handle on what to look at; let us know what you conclude...


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